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Thanks for Reading in 2017

I have much to be grateful for in 2017.  The least of my blessings is the opportunity to blog and the people who support me in my efforts in blogging.  THANK YOU for reading and sharing my musing with others.

Blogging about my health and weight loss journey on Menu Mondays has helped me to stay on track and keep myself accountable.

Thought Tuesdays has given me my own little soap box, my own little place to attempt to make my thoughts make sense… and hopefully, help the world to be a better place.

Warrior Wednesday has helped me to focus on thinking positive, especially in light of the many changes I am making in my health and well being and in the fact that I find myself re-defining myself as most of my children are now grown and moved away.

Theatre Thursday is fun.  Theatre has kept me sane for a number of years.  I love seeing the lessons theatre teaches kids and Love sharing what I have learned along my theatre journey.

Family Friday is a favorite.  With my family beginning to spread out, Family Friday is an opportunity to stay connected and to remember my heart what is truly important in this life!

Satisfaction Saturday is a great way for me to share what works and what doesn’t in my life.  I get so many questions and this has been a great forum for me to answer them all.

And finally, Scripture Sunday keeps me grounded.  Scripture Sunday is truly what defines me as I seek to know my Savior more deeply.


Again, thank you reading.  Thank you for putting up with countless emails about the next post I may have submitted.  Thank you for sharing my musings with family and friends.  My “followers” are slowly growing.  I know I write for me, but it is also nice to see my musings have touched someone in some way, that my writing, reporting, ranting, discussing or wondering has helped someone along their journey.

Please continue to read.

Please continue to share.

If you click on the “follow” button you will get an em-ail when I post.  You could follow my Facebook page, resigning as the General Manager of the Universe and catch when I post something new that may interest you.  If you like something you read, you can click the “like” button at the bottom of the blog… that was for you, mom.

Seriously, thank you.  You all have definitely made blogging a whole lot more fun!

Goals for 2018?

I hope to help more people.  I hope to gain better health.  I hope to share more successful recipes.  I hope to help more youth into “adulting.”  I hope to create more theatre magic.  I hope to develop stronger as a Warrior Woman of Christ.  I hope to create more wonderful family memories.  I hope you will join me in 2018!  The more, the merrier!

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