Family Friday

Beginning a New Year – It’s a Zoo!

We began 2018 by celebrating with friends…


… and family.


I delivered a back drop that Hannah and I painted and picked up some things we are borrowing for Lion King, JR.  I felt like I was driving down the road with a zoo!  Those are the Rhinos and giraffes behind me.  LOL.


I am continuing on my quest to #bethelight.  This week I had fun leaving a large tip at the drive-by coffee place when I stopped to get hot chocolate for my daughter. It is fun to see when you do make a difference in this world and make someone happy.


Lilli began teaching ballet and tap for the first time.  She has studied up and made good notes.  I am positive that she will be a great teacher!


Lion King, JR rehearsals began in full swing.  There are 62 kids from 3rd grade to 12th grade in this production.  It’s crazy!  I am so tired after rehearsal.  It’s hard keeping up with them all.  This week we focused on theatre basics (50% of these kids are new to the process) and character development and understanding.  I am so excited to see how it all comes together.

Lilli and I also have been working on the Bully Plays.  This production is a class production.  We have spent the last semester working on acting skills in the class through these Bully Plays.  It’s been good to teach kids about how theatre is used to inspire change. (If you look closely at these pictures you will find Lilli in the large group picture).  Tech/Marathon Day was Saturday.  The show opens, and closes this next coming week.

Needless to say, with 2 rehearsals, school, and work, we are crazy busy…. more busy than usual.  The coming week will be just as crazy.  Wish us luck!

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