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Running Through the Christmas Season

Snap! What a couple of crazy weeks we have had!  Busy! Busy! Busy!


As soon as we got home from picking up Chad from the airport, it was time to set out the shoes for St. Nicolas Day.  St. Nick was good to all and brought a couple silly things and Harry Potter shirts and socks for all.

Lillian spent the day in Portland with all of the Freshmen.  The English teachers arranged a field trip to Powell’s Book store, VooDoo Donuts, and the downtown area of Portland.  She had fun and bought herself 3 cool books.  She would have stayed in the book store if that were an option.  She may have even moved in!  I love that my kids love books!


We all attended Hannah’s Christmas in Hudson Concert.  John got tickets for the Huxfords and the John and Laura Hatch.  It was a beautiful concert full of the spirit of Christmas.  I will miss listening to Hannah sing.

Lillian danced in her Christmas Dance Recital.  Ben and Freya were great dancers too!  I was busy running lights and sound.  We didn’t get many good pictures.  Our phones are just not capable of taking good pictures in poor lighting from distances.

Lilli got to dance on pointe.  She is always excited when she gets to do that.  The Dance Studio wasn’t the only dance recital I worked on in the past 2 weeks.  I still have more to go on that stage of mine.  It’s a small living (wink).


It was fun to have 4 out of 5 kids home and supporting Lilli in her dancing.

We went hunting for the perfect Christmas Tree.  We tried a tree farm first.  Ray and Kimber were able to find a tree they liked.  Sadly, we did not.  It’s hard to find the tree that is the right height and fullness and shape; a tree that makes everyone happy.  We ended up getting a tree at the Boy Scout stand.


It’s a pretty little tree.  It’s not perfect.  All the lights don’t match.  Everyone isn’t happy with it.  But…. It will do.

We are attempting to do a few Christmas type activities, like watching Mr. Bean’s Christmas show and making snowman pancakes with the grand kids.  Those darn pancakes didn’t turn out like I hoped.  Oh well… I tried.

At school we worked on “art work” in stage makeup class, set models and basic sound systems in tech class.  There are only 4 more weeks in the semester and so much to cover!  Sure wish there was 2 semesters of tech, but I shouldn’t complain.  At least there is a tech theater class.  It’s the first one in a couple years.

This week was a week of concerts.  It started with the High School Choir.  Every thing looked awesome and sounded great.  (the rest of the week had band concerts and the junior high school choir concert).


It was super cool to have 3 out of 5 kids singing Santa Claus is Coming to Town together.  It may not happen again.  With everyone growing up and moving around, they may not be here at the same time for that concert.  Lilli realized that too.


I think she cried for a good 45 minutes as she realized that she wouldn’t be singing with her siblings and that she was going to be all alone soon (parents don’t count).  I felt bad.  I didn’t know how to help her feel better.

I started rehearsals for Lion King Jr and had the first read through of Noises Off at school.  Lion King is another joint venture with my friends Jeff Witt and Linda Kunze.  I love co-directing with Jeff and working with Linda on dance.  I am excited for this show.  Jeff asked someone else to direct Noises Off.  Our theatre friend Deborah will be directing that show.  It’s a class show and so I will be working with a large tech/crew to develop the set, costumes, lights, sound, and publicity for the show.

We sold the red Honda.  Lilli was sad.  She was hoping that it would be her car some day.  It just was worth repairing.  Good bye car.  Parting is so hard.

So we are now running into the week before Christmas.  I still have some concerts on my stage.  John is leaving for Utah for the week.  I’m still trying to get presents and stuff sorted.  I’d love to send Christmas cards, but have no time for writing a Christmas letter.  Maybe I will just send cards this year.  I figure, if people really want to see what the Boyacks are up to, they can read the blog!  Wish me luck!

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