Thought Tuesday

D is for DEVOTION… oh to be a hummingbird… 

It’s hummingbird season. I have a butterfly bush outside my family room window. I planted it there on purpose because I like to watch the butterflies and hummingbird come and visit the lavender blossoms.

These little birds are amazing. Their average weight is 1/8 ounce. Their wings beat between 40 and 80 beats per second. They breathe approximately 250 times per minute. Their heart rate is an unbelievable 250 beats/min at rest and 1200 beats/min while feeding. Finally, in flight they reach up to 63 miles/hour. Most researchers seem to accept the fact that those who migrate to the Caribbean Islands and Mexico cross the Gulf and Atlantic Ocean waters during a non-stop flight taking 18-20 hours. No wonder they require a lot of food for energy and strength!

I could only dream of burning that kind calorie intake! I could only dream of being that tiny!

This journey to better health begins when we wake up to the false promise our society has sold us, namely, that our happiness resides in the size of our bodies. This promise of happiness in thinness is part of our culture. Many see their DEVOTION to thinness more like a religion, including beliefs, images, myths, rituals, and moral codes that teach us to define our value and purpose through the pursuit of a “better” (please read: thinner) body. Learning to recognize and critique this “Religion of Thinness” is a crucial first step on the path to overall health and well being.


The word “dedication” is defined by Webster’s Dictionary as “devotion, surrender, commitment.” In order to release my fat cells I must surrender to this task. I must be devoted to eating a healthy, balanced diet and getting plenty of exercise. I must be committed to making lifestyle changes and sticking with them!

Maybe I just confuse dedication with discipline. I have been under the impression that without discipline, I cannot “lose” weight, much less keep it off. Then I began to take apart the meaning of the word “discipline.” In Webster’s New Thesaurus of the English Language, “discipline” is equivalent to “punishment.” No wonder I continue to have trouble with this project! It feels like a never ending time out! Other words that are synonymous with discipline are “subdue,” “subjugate,” “restrain,” and “bridle.” I like bridle best. It suggests that I just need to control things. Discipline invites perfectionism and extremism. I find myself bullying myself into submission. Does that sound like a recipe for success? LOL.

D is for DEDICATION… not the punishment of discipline.

I need DEDICATION –not discipline– is what I need! Dedication is clearly the way to go!

I don’t particularly enjoy exercising. I come up with all sorts of excuses to skip a workout: “I don’t have time to work out this morning!” “I’m too tired!” “It’s raining!”

However, I getting serious (really! I’m working on it) about wanting to shed those extra pounds and keep them off. I need to get serious about my plan. Once you have devised the weight loss plan that you wish to follow, dedicate yourself to that plan! Make a commitment to yourself that you will make every effort to follow the diet that you have chosen. Surrender to a regular exercise routine of your choice.

There may come a day when I eat a little too much (like tomorrow? Let’s hope not) or indulge in that bag of chips that has been taunting me. Or, perhaps I miss a workout because of illness or an appointment. When I am DEDICATED to my health quest, I will pick up where I left off! I will go back to healthy eating and/or my exercise regimen! I WON’T give up completely because of one lapse in my weight reduction efforts! I will develop a healthy lifestyle and stick with it!

D is for DEVOTION…

Maybe I should focus God with my DEVOTION…

People Need God… Why do we fight it?

When David came face to face with the giant, he relied on God’s presence for strength. David was clearly aware that God was with him and that the battle was not his, but God’s.

During David’s battle, he focused on God’s presence, not his circumstance or problem. David’s knowledge of God’s presence prevented him from becoming discouraged or giving up.

I can do that.

If I focus on life’s challenges and my opposition in the battles I face, I am likely to lose hope and give up. When I stay in God’s presence and keep the focus on him, he gives me optimism and the strength I need.

Remember, with God, all things are possible.

Well… maybe not making me a hummingbird, but he can help be become a thin, fit and trim ostrich! (wink).

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