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Developing and Attitude of Gratitude – Day 1

Today is Thanksgiving.  Like many others, I have so many things to be thankful for… a comfortable house, cars that work, clothes to wear, clean water, healthy food, access to education, a life with freedoms, and relative safety and security.

It is easy to take most of these blessings for granted.  It is easy in a world of Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and such to focus on what we don’t have.  Tragic, really.  There are so many people throughout the world who live without the basic needs for life.  To think I may complain about needing to clean my house or work around my yard when there are people living out  who would love to have a house to clean or a yard to work in.

After spending 365 days attempting to bring kindness to the world and to #bethelight, I decided to step up my goals for self improvement by focusing on gratitude for the next 365 days.  It occurs to me that gratitude, a thankful heart, needs to be an every day habit and not just something to be celebrated one day of the year.

Let’s be real.  It is so easy to forget just how blessed we really are!  Cultivating an attitude of gratitude is something we must make a purposeful… consistent effort.  For this reason, I am making a goal to develop an attitude of gratitude for the next 365 days.  

I’d like to see what happens when I make an effort to be grateful for the things I may otherwise not even notice.  Like… hot water.  It is easy to take hot water for granted… until you don’t have any.  Hot water makes life so much better!  Doesn’t it?  It’s the “little things” of life that brings comfort and joy.  It really is.

I am hoping that as I begin to thank God for the little things in my life, it will help me focus on the positive in life and to develop a stronger Christ-like characteristic.  If spreading kindness increased my quality of life and overall happiness, then it stands to reason that an attitude of gratitude would help increase overall happiness and will draw me closer to my Savior.

I believe that one of the best things I can do throughout the day is to acknowledge God and to praise Him.  This is something I have a great desire to improve.  Whether I am working on my home, my marriage, my job, my finances, and even a healthier, slimmer body, I can include God in my activity.  I want to fix my oversight in including God, in offering thanks, and even praising Him for all that He does for me and what He will do for me and my family.

Expressing true gratitude is motivated by LOVE.  I know it will draw me closer to Him.  I know that as my gratitude increase, my understanding of His word will increase and become more clear.  I know that my faith will increase.  I know that giving thanks for all of God’s blessings will give me a new perspective – mind renewed, attitude improved, and a heart full of joy (see Psalm 16:11).

So, join me!  Let’s be thankful to God for 365 day in a row.  Join me in thanking God when the sun shines down on us and when we find ourselves weathering the storms of life.  Let us thank Him for all His goodness in the good times and in the hard times.   Let’s thank Him when He strengthens us and when He restores peace.  Join me for the next year as I ponder on all of His goodness, tender mercies and blessing – large and small – that He showers on our lives each day.

Here it is – Gratitude Journal – Day 1

I am grateful for my mixer.  Sure glad I don’t have to mix and knead the roll dough by hand for the rolls for Thanksgiving dinner.

I am grateful for the veggie dishes I am creating for Thanksgiving dinner.  I can’t wait… and I am for grateful my family who puts up with all my veggie meals (but rest assured, I am making them a traditional turkey dinner as well).

I am grateful for my husband volunteering to do some dishes and to start some laundry.

I am grateful for the people who read and follow my blog… and I am grateful for how writing has helped me to sort out my thoughts, making sense of life.

And finally, I am grateful for my ever growing testimony of my Savior, Jesus Christ.

What are you grateful for – large and small?

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