Menu Monday

Lacking in Progress

Don’t I know it!  I was sick last week… a cold.  Said cold came with a fever and chills.  I really wasn’t interest in making food, but I did.  It wasn’t all the best choices, but hey, I tried.

Monday I ate some of the left over black bean soup that is more like dip with some chips.  I also ate a cup of ramen, a few ravioli and a piece of garlic bread.

Tuesday was more of the black bean soup but with a little corn bread and some Ramen.  I was starting feel that cold coming on and just wasn’t interested in eating much.

Wednesday was a long day.  I ate some leftover tomato and red pepper soup.  After a very long day of driving Lilli and her friends around, I came home and had some tofu and veggies and rice that John had made for me.

By Thursday I really wasn’t feeling good.  But I got up and made a regular Thanksgiving dinner for the family, complete with turkey, potatoes, stuffing, green beans, rolls, the works.  I also made a few vegetarian options for myself.  I ate mushroom wellington, salad, broccoli, a roll or two, and some green bean casserole.  For desert I ate some of my sugar-free cranberry sauce in a pastry.  

Friday and Saturday, and even a bit of Sunday were all some variation of leftovers.  One of my faults is watching food go to waste.  I just can’t do it.

So that was my week.  I am not being as diligent as I should be in the mindful eating department.  I should be doing so much better at that.  I know that if I was more mindful I would probably actually lose the weight I desire to lose.  However, I am not making progress.  I need to make it a priority, but I also need to motivate myself.  ummm…. really problems.

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