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Developing an Attitude of Gratitude – Day 428

Today I studied a bit of the writings of Isaiah that were preserved by Nephi. 1 Nephi 20 begins with a call for all baptized members to hearken to what he has to saw. We are called to serve him and to keep his commandments (Mosiah 18:10). We are called to always remember him. This “calling,” this promise comes with a promise – we will always have his spirit with us. The Lord warns against “not swearing in truth and in righteousness.” When we make promises in the name of the Lord, but do it in an unrighteous and untruthful way, we are hypocrites. We are not really endorsing the Savior. To avoid the pitfalls of hypocrisy we must keep our eyes, ears, minds, and hearts on Jesus. We must press forward in Christ. We must be steadfast in Christ. We must fill our hearts with charity and hope. We need to feast on His word and endure with peace and with cheerfulness.

The Lord gives us many opportunities to remember Him. Are we listening?

I am grateful that my morning was productive studying the scriptures.

I am grateful my Sunday School lesson went well. I really don’t like teaching a larger group in the chapel. It doesn’t have the same feeling of what we did before.

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