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Developing an Attitude of Gratitude – Day 544

I do love the Sabbath! I miss going to the building to worship, but it is also nice to worship and chill with family at home.

Today I am grateful for some fun watching John blow things up with the grand kids.

Today I am grateful for some time to study and ponder. So many thoughts rolling through my mind. It’s no wonder I have a hard time sleeping.

Today I am grateful for a few moments to sit outside and listen to the wind rustling in the tree leaves.

Today I am thankful for another successful 23:1 intermittent fast. I sure hope this is making a difference. It is hard. I am grateful that I had some broth in a moment when it got really hard. I am grateful for provolone cheese, the zucchini bites, the no sugar added berry cheesecake salad and the watermelon that I enjoyed at the end of my fast.

I worry about the state of things. So many voices pulling in so many directions. My worry isn’t so much for myself, but for the children and youth. Opposing voices to the Lord are so loud and appealing. How can I help them feel and see? How can I help them live in the moment and see the hand of God in all things? How can I help to protect them and to lead them to safety? The only thing I see working is truly how I live my life, the love that I have for the Lord expressed plain and clearly in the actions and words of my everyday decisions. But is it enough? Is it enough to save them from the painful lessons that are just around the corner. Deep down I feel that we are just at the tip of the iceberg of turmoil that the world will soon be facing. We will all need God to find any hope of peace then.

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