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Developing an Attitude of Gratitude – Day 463

Good day… even for a long day.

I am grateful my cast and crew had a great show today. Sure wish more people came to see the show. Still, I am grateful for those who do come and support these kids. Most of the time I question if I am really making a difference in the lives of others, then I see them shine on stage and I know I have a small impact… even if it isn’t ever recognized.

I am grateful for John who took a day off to little chores around the house today. He even made a yummy dinner.

I am grateful for the sunshine. Once I go into work I don’t see much of it. However, I got to see some today and it was awesome.

I am grateful for the joy I get from the gospel of Jesus Christ. It is a comfort to know that no matter how well I am doing at living gospel principles, God is there for me, to lift me, to comfort me, to strengthen me, and to build me into something for better than I could create myself.

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