Developing an Attitude of Gratitude – Day 464

Today I followed a qi gong routine with Lee Holden for opening the heart and clearing old, stagnate, negative energy. When I finished, I opened up the images I save for my blog, and this image was the image I had previously labeled for today. It fits. The last thing Lee Holden said before the end of the exercise was pretty much this very quote. I am grateful for all the things that come together and that resonate in my soul.

I am grateful that I got up this morning and had the courage and the motivation to do a few exercises. I really am trying to get a hold of my health. My body is not co-operating. I am not sleeping well. I rarely go into deep sleep, according to my fit bit, and it shows. I often wake up more tired than when I went to bed. I have not lost a pound in more than a year. It does get old, but I am still trying because my feet and knees are so stiff and ache and I have a hard time walking up or down stairs.

I am grateful I had okay classes today and that I was able to get all the mending done before the show.

I am grateful for left overs. It mean I don’t have to eat crap food for the day.

I am grateful Kimber bring Kirby home because I didn’t get to leave the school until 10pm.

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