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Developing an Attitude of Gratitude – Day 465

I am grateful for Kimber who can and cleaned up a little at my house so I could have guests for the weekend… and she got the dog for me because I was running late today and left him home.

I am grateful for John who supports my work/hobby with building, and filming and cheering…. and then he goes home and does the dishes.

I am grateful for Jeff who encourages me to play in my hobby/ dream world. He has a big heart and always intends to do good in the world. The world needs more hearts like his.

I am grateful for friends who not only come to see the show, but think to bring me something to snack on because they know I never leave the building. Their thoughtfulness touches my soul.

I am grateful for Lilli ,who is sick and stepped up to deliver a fabulous performance. She is talented and has a big heart. It is an honor to be her mom.

I am grateful for the teaching aides that are assigned to help students with special needs in my classes. They work hard and they make my job so much easier.

I am grateful for many of the students I teach, who inspire me everyday to be a better teacher.

I am grateful for the gospel. It keeps me grounded. It gives me hope. It is the light in my life in an ever darkening world.

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