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Developing an Attitude of Gratitude – Day 546

The more I record a list of things to be grateful for at the end of the day, the more I know this to be true. It is one of the most healthy practices I have ever embarked on.

Today I am grateful for the opportunity to turn a 48 hour fast into a 73 hour fast. Due to needing to be somewhere during my eating window, and not planning ahead very well, I missed out on breaking my fast. By the time I got home from out virtual Thespain meeting at 9:45 pm, it was far too late to consider breaking my fast. So, I march forward. I am actually thankful for the opportunity to challenge myself and for how intermittent fasting is helping me to over turn years of poor health habits. I am also grateful for how fasting is helping focus on my relationship with God.

Today I am grateful that our first attempt at a virtual Thespian activity went well… even with a few technical difficulties. I am grateful that the videos I’ve been working on for weeks turned out. I am grateful for my partner in crime, Jeff, and for the fun we had hosting our 202 Thespian Inductions and Awards. I sure hope the students and their families enjoyed it. We miss them!

Today I am thankful for the opportunity I have had to work at the high school, both volunteering, and for a short while with a small paycheck, over the past 14+ years. Everything is topsy turvy right now, and I fear it may have come to a quiet end. My teaching contract was a temporary contract and I received notice of termination in March – my last day in June. My Tech Director/Auditorium Manager job may have ended too… I got my last paycheck this week and it included all of the stipend money attached to that position (money that had been divided into 12 months for the past few years) and the budget talks indicate that all stipends are now suspended, thus ending that position. It seems so final with that paycheck. My heart is heavy as I wait to see if anyone will reach out to me and tell me what is really happening, or if I am expected to quietly disappear. My heart is heavy because I love what I do and don’t really want to give that up, but the times seem to be changing. My heart is heavy because if I have been quietly let go, I will miss the students, I will miss the staff, and I will miss creating beautiful art. My heart is heavy because all of a sudden, the past 15 years of helping to build a strong theatre program, including writing a CTE proposal and tons of theatre curriculum, seem a bit pointless and under appreciated. Still, I am grateful for the joy I experienced working with students and creating beautiful art with people I love and I am grateful that joy out weighs the sadness and uncertainty I feel.

Today I am grateful that I got started on a Christmas present. I am excited to see it finished.

Today I am thankful for the Star Wars saga. It has entertained me nicely while I crocheted away.

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