bethelight, gratitude

Developing an Attitude of Gratitude- Day 547

I missed yesterday because by the time I got to the end of the day and my impromptu 72 hour fast, I didn’t really have the energy to make food, let alone blog anything. I am grateful that John was willing to make a yummy salmon and greens salad for me. I am also grateful for the stroll through the garden and a fabulous harvest of raspberries, which I completely enjoyed, and some cherries that were in the fridge. I am also thankful for the slice of Swiss cheese I enjoyed while I waited for my salad.

I am grateful that I met a new doctor. I hope that a change up in the medical team can help me with my aches and pains.

I am grateful that I had a good night sleep. Fitbit said I had lots of dreaming, but just over no deep sleep. I need to figure out how to help my body go into deep sleep. I hear deep sleep is where the body repairs and heals itself. I could use that.

I am grateful that I am making progress on my Christmas gift I am working on.

I am grateful for the curried lentils and naan I had for dinner and the berries and cream I enjoyed for desert.

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