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Developing an Attitude of Gratitude – Day 554

Today I am grateful for the time I had this morning to relax and read a book. I am currently reading a good book by Dr. Jason Fung. I am learning some good things. I hope they are the answers I am seeking to better my personal health. Today’s reading taught me about how hormones are responsible for so many health problems… extra weight, high blood pressure, and the like. I’m now on a quest to understand my hormones better and how to balance them all out.

Today I am grateful for the time I got to clean out my car. I even shampooed the seats and carpet. It sure smells a ton better. I didn’t get around to washing the outside, like I planned, but I am hoping to do that Monday, after we take the truck on an adventure over the weekend.

Today I am grateful for a little quality time with Lilli. It is hard to do. It is so rare to get her without her phone in her hand!

Today I am grateful for little videos sent between me and Hannah and McKay. They are fun and they make me smile.

Today I am grateful for left overs. I really need to learn how to make smaller amounts of food when I cook. When I eat for only an hour a day, I can’t eat the food I make and Lilli won’t eat left overs and John rarely eats them. I hate seeing food wasted, so I end up eating it when I didn’t really want to… But today I was tired and didn’t want to cook and it was nice to have a quick meal. So today I eat left over broccoli, cauliflower, beet greens and cheese sauce. I had a bowl of left over curried lentils. And as a desert I enjoyed blackberries smothered in blueberry kefir.

Today I am grateful for the breeze that is blowing outside my office, making my wind chimes sing.

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