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Developing an Attitude of Gratitude – Day 555

Today I am most grateful for the birth of Lenayah – my beautiful grand daughter. Her birth was a miracle from God. She is smart. She is thoughtful. She is curious. She is in charge. She is creative. She is amazing. She is funny. She got to visit last weekend, but is at home in her new home across the state enjoying pizza and family and friends.

Today I am grateful for Lilli going with me to the flea market in Dallas today. We found her some awesome Vans and I got some most delicious salsa. I bought two containers and ate one all by myself. My friend Vidal made it and it really was amazing. Bonus… I get to support my friend.

Today I am grateful for the opportunity to honor the memory of our next door neighbor of the past two years. He passed away in June and his sweet wife invited us to join her family in celebrating his life. I enjoyed sitting in their yard. It is a beautiful yard full of amazing plants – berries, veggies, bushes and small trees. They have done so much work over the past two year. The place really does look different.

Today I am thankful that I reconnected with my friend Tami through the Marco Polo app. I had no idea how much I’ve missed chatting with her. I am grateful to have such a good friend. And it turns out that we have many things in common in this stage of life… more things to think about.

Today I am thankful for John and that he entertains me. Today he mowed the lawn and did little things around the yard. This evening he decided to practice flipping his kayak in the backyard pool. He isn’t a swimmer, so I sat next to the pool filming him and making sure he wasn’t going to stay under the water when he flipped himself over. I am grateful he didn’t drown and I am grateful he provided the evenings entertainment.

Today I am grateful for an other successful 23:1 intermittent fast. I am grateful for the “taco” salad I enjoyed with my friend’s salsa, veggie sausage.red leaf and Romaine lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, zucchini, feta and a little sour cream. I am so grateful I made those salad packets earlier this week too. It made making dinner so much easier. I am also grateful for the Gouda and provolone cheese stick I found at the store today.

Today I am grateful for the gospel class I was teaching this morning… not so much for the teaching experience, but for the way my testimony was strengthened as I bore my testimony of the Atonement of Jesus Christ. For that moment I had this overwhelming feeling of gratitude for the Savior and for His willingness to suffer… not only for our sins but for our pains, disappointments, frustrations, and failures. My testimony strengthen with an assurance that His love is real and that through Him we can succeed and feel peace and return to Him and to our Father in Heaven triumphantly. For this experience I am overwhelmingly grateful.

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