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Developing an Attitude of Gratitude – Days 492, 493, and 494

Man… with this quarantine stuff the days blend together and I am getting the sense of what “retirement” might be like. With John home I don’t know what to do. He is always in the office working and It’s hard to do my usual M.O. if I put in headphones I don’t know he is talking to me, which is okay because even without them I never know who he talking to because he has in headphone and is always talking to others I can’t see. Besides that, he is meetings and I never know when that is so I can’t make noise around the house. Lilli is gone visiting her sister and her brother and I talk less to people now that there is someone always in the house. How do retired people do it?!

Still… I am thankful John is currently employeed.

I am grateful we have had some sunny weather and I have been able to plant a few things to get the family garden ready.

I am grateful for Amazon. I have needed a few things, but hate shopping and haven’t gone and now can’t go, so I am grateful I can still get a few things that I need… and I am grateful we have the ability to get them.

I’ve been reading various posts from parents and a few of my students who are tired of the “social distancing” thing already and reflecting on how Developing an Attitude of Gratitude has helped me over the past 494 days. It occurred to me that I could share the blessings of counting blessing by attempting to start a #gratitudesharing during #socialdistancing. Social distancing doesn’t have to be traumatic. It can be used to actually bring us closer and more mindful in our families, friends and relationships. So today I am starting. I am going to figure out how to use Instagram and Facebook, and this blog to start #gratitudesharing. Will you join me?

Today’s #gratitudesharing: I am thankful! I am looking forward to…

Okay. I will answer it first. I am looking forward to Lilli coming home tomorrow. I miss that kid. I am grateful I am her mom.

I am looking forward to General conference. General Conference is my favorite part of the year… twice a year. I am thankful for prophets, seers and revelators.

I am looking forward to my garden and the veggies from the farm lady.

I am looking forward to the day #socialdistancing is a thing of the past.

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