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Developing an Attitude of Gratitude – Day 537

Today I am grateful for the time I spent in my scriptures.

Today I am grateful for the sacrament, and that even though we cannot attend meetings in the church buildings, we can still worship in our homes and with our families.

Today I am grateful that our chickens will begin their week able to explore their pen and scratch around in the dirt. John and I worked together nicely and built the chicken coop upgrade. I mostly designed (I’ve got to get my design time in somewhere since I am no larger designing and working with theatre stuff) and he did all the grunt work.

Today I am super happy with how my garden is coming along. Plants are happy, mud is under control, it looks and smells wonderful!

Today I am grateful for another successful day of 23:1 intermittent fasting and for a delicious veggie stir fry with tofu. For desert I enjoyed a few cherries. I love cherries. I am so grateful God created them.

Today I sat on my porch and listened to the wind rustle the leaves in the trees. I LOVE that sound as it mingles with the wonderful sounds of my wind chimes.

Today I am grateful the #2 likes her birthday present. Her birthday isn’t until October, but what she wanted and needed is more useful now… nugget ice maker. She sent me a pictures to show how it made her day.

Today I am grateful that Riley took Lilli for a little drive and that Jordan could come over to watch a movie with her. She has been miserable since Friday when she broke her clavicle. Parents don’t cut it when it comes to bringing joy to teenagers. I am grateful she has friends that can bring her joy when she needs it.

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