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Developing an Attitude of Gratitude – Day 538

Today I am grateful for a quiet morning in the garden chatting with the chickens, observing my little seedlings and giving them a drink, and watching humming birds eat breakfast at my lavender plants. It was so nice to just take that moment and breath.

Today I am grateful that our friend Riley who volunteered to sleep on the couch by Lilli and I got to sleep in my bed. I slept better, just not long enough. Tonight I will attempt to get into bed sooner.

I am thankful that the people I love who have tested positive for the COVID virus, who live far away, have people to care for them and are on the mend. God is a God of miracles.

Today I am thankful for lessons learned while studying my scriptures. Nothing earth shattering, just a quiet assurance that they are true.

Today I am thankful for a little ride to Dutch Brother’s to cheer up Lilli and for her friends that are here this evening and are really cheering her up. It is nice to hear her giggle.

Today I am grateful for a successful intermitant fasting day… even if I didn’t get to eat until much later than I had planned due to teaching voice lessons.

Today I am thankful for the left over zucchini cheese bread, the veggies and cheese sauce I had for dinner, boiled eggs and a few blueberries and raspberries I got from my very own garden. I am also grateful for the lemon, ginger, pepper flake water that I made today. It helps me feel well. One batch will last me for the week.

Today I am grateful for my final paycheck from the school district. It seems so final. Am I ready for something different?

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