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Developing an Attitude of Gratitude – Day 507

Today students I love and who, I know have been holding out hope, learned that there would be no more in-person learning for the rest of the school year. It is sad. It is sad that they had no idea that fateful Friday in March was their last day of high school. It is sad that they will miss final concerts, the last play of their high school career, State competitions, spring sports, and now prom, graduation, and all the celebrations that go with 12 years of school. I feel sad that I won’t get to say how much I loved teaching them. I won’t get to celebrate them and hug them. I won’t get to see their final bows.

Still… I am grateful.

I am grateful I had many opportunities to interact with these awesome kids. I am grateful I got to teach, coach, and direct them in various productions. I am grateful that together we learned, we grew and we concurred. My contract is over at the end of June, so I have no idea if my last day was actually that fateful Friday afternoon either. But I am still grateful for the opportunity to be a part of the educational journey for many kids in 2019-2020.

I am also grateful for John and how hard he works.

I am grateful for my testimony of Jesus Christ and how that testimony lights my heart with hope.

I am grateful that Lilli helped me make empanadas today for “Empanada Day.” I am grateful they turned out so tasty.

I am grateful for good friends.

I am grateful for the porch swing and for the sunshine and wind chimes I enjoy on the porch swing.

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