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Developing an Attitude of Gratitude – Day 423

In this mornings study of the scriptures I am struck by Nephi’s “can do” attitude which is the opposite of his brothers’ “not happening” attitude. Nephi’s attitude comes with personal knowledge of the character of God. He trust’s Him, and thus believes that he, himself, can do anything with God on his side. His brothers seem to be missing some of the information. They don’t seem to trust God with the same kind of conviction. There is a lesson to be learned here… to develop a “can do” attitude we need to do all that we can to get all the information, including developing a solid relationship with God so that we trust Him. The lord will help us. He will educate us. But he can only do so when we are able to recognize that our bad attitude is getting us no where. When we don’t ave answers we need to listen to those people that do and be open to information that may be different from tradition or our preconceive notions on the subject. This goes for judging others too. Trust they they are the experts in their own lives. We don’t have all the information so it might be best to leaving the judging to those who actually do have all the information.

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