Developing an Attitude of Gratitude – Day 424

What a long day! but a good day.

I am grateful that I got to go see Dear Evan Hanson with John, Lilli, McKay and Myles yesterday. We got home around midnight and that is part of why today was a long day… but so worth it. Such a great show. The message is a good reminder for everyone too. The music is awesome! Worth every penny I saved to get those tickets!

I am grateful that second semester seems to be starting well.

I am grateful for the kids on and off the stage that are working so hard to make our winter musical a success. Thoroughly Modern Millie is going to be such a fun show!

I am grateful for Jeff who is an awesome partner in crime.

I am grateful that Kimber kept Kirby over night because we got home so late and dropped him off at home this evening due to our crazy schedule.

Today in scripture study I finished off 1 Nephi 17. Today I was reminded that we need to remember that Nephi was a normal dude making choices… just like the rest of us. He had to work at developing courage. He had to work at effective prayer. He had to work to liken the scriptures to his life. He had to work to be kind and patient. He worked at making righteous choices. He laments in the scriptures that he is a “wretched man.” He does this because he made mistakes (they just aren’t recorded for the rest of us to view), but he learned how to access the power of the Atonement of Jesus Christ through approaching the Lord with a humble, repentant heart. We can be just like him because he was just like us!

Nephi was successful and trusted in the Lord because he practiced faith. AND he loved the scriptures. That is something I can do too! The scriptures taught him principles of the gospel and reminded him of the great mercy of God toward his children.

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