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Developing an Attitude of Gratitude – Day 425

I am grateful I sleep better last night. My Fitbit says I got over 7 hours of real sleep. That’s a whole hour more than usual. The crazy thing is I am in my bed “sleeping” for 8 hours or more. I am just so restless that it doesn’t count as real sleep.

Today during scripture study. Things I learned while studying about Nephi building a boat: I was reminded that allowing god to work in my life is a process… a line upon line thing. Do I “go to the mountains” often to receive the next step? I need to make more time in my life to attend the temple. At the very least, I need to be more consistent and find a “place” that I go to pray for inspiration.

Then there was this thought on symbolism. This boat is a metaphor for our spiritual journey. God knew that the kind of boats that were popular in that day and age could have never made the journey to the promised land. “Man made” plan were not going to cut it. Similarly, we can not trust our lives, our temporal salvation, to “ships” made “after the manner of men.” Salvation is attainable, only through the God’s way.

Building the boat was a form of worship. It required sacrifice. It was an act of faith. Just after our 5th and final child was born, we decided to build a “ship,” or rather a house. The house we lived in was 2 bedrooms and far too small for our growing family. I knew we could do it. John was hesitant, but he wanted to make me happy, so we tore into the house we lived in to remodel it into something twice it’s size. Some friends and family helped us along the way. Others thought we were crazy. Like the weekend that we tied the two pieces of the house together. Family and friends came to help and before we knew it all of the siding, windows, and roof were gone. The next day was Sunday. The Bishop drove by on the way to church and thought we were really crazy. Our house looked like a bomb had gone off.

We were definately not building “after the manner of men.” Most people would have hired construction out. Most people would not have continued to live in the house while they tore it apart and put it back together. Most people would have move and bought a new house. We are not most people. Lilli was 18 months before the dust truly had settled. In fact, there are still unfinished parts of that project, like the kitchen counters are still not attatched to the cabninets. However, that wasn’t the point for our family. I am grateful we “built” our “ship.” We grew as a family as we worked together. I can’t imagin ever moving away from our house because of the sacrifice that went into the house and the lessons we learned. It really was a form of worship as we moved forward, trusting that the Lord would teach or send help to two clueless people… and he did. I have no idea if our kids will remember or appreciate that year, but I hope so. It was a year that we all learned more about ourselves nad the tender mercies of the Lord.

It is patterned after the manner of my parents. My parents built their house too. We all helped. We all lived there through the many stages of construction. It was years… not a year. But I would trade that for anything too. I love that house too! I am grateful I grew up “practically a pioneer,” to quote Lilli.

Today I am grateful that my classes went fairly well. And rehearsal for Millie is making progress.

I am grateful for Kimber coming to take pictures of rehearsal. I am usually so busy during rehearsals and show I don’t get pictures. The last two shows are greatly lacking in the picture department. I am grateful she was willing to do it when she wasn’t feeling too well.

I am grateful I got some dishes done today.

I am grateful that my friend Rachel shared a few treats with me after school and that Jeff shared some cashews. I didn’t have time to pack lunch. It’s good to have friends who are willing to take care of you when you don’t have time to take care of yourself.

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