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Developing an Attitude of Gratitude – Day 411

Today I studied 1 Nephi 9. The phrase, “for a wise purpose” sticks out. It makes me wonder if I brush aside impressions that are given to me “for a wise purpose.” Nephi had no idea why he needed a second record other than God told him to do it and that it must be for a good reason. He trusted God. He knows God. He knows that God isn’t all about the busy work. Every commandment He gives is to help us to be successful because He can see the beginning and the end and we only see the present. Am I putting trust in God? Not blind faith but real faith, based on what and WHO I know? Is my relationship with Christ building so that my faith and trust in Him and in His ability to guide and save me is strengthened? Am I demonstrating my love for Him through an added measure of faith as I move forward even if I don’t fully understand the wisdom behind the commandment? I can trust Him. Everything He does and is is for my success and happiness. Things to focus on throughout the day…

I am grateful I was able to get in scripture study and qi gong this morning. My not sleeping well this week. I toss and turn. My stomach feels like it is on fire. I wake up tired. So, my morning was totally off this morning because I had trouble getting Lilli out the door to seminary, I needed to get the trash out to the road, Hannah needed me to find something and mail it to her and I couldn’t find it even after tearing the office apart, and my energy is tanked. So it is a tender mercy and a miracle that I got it done at all.

I am grateful I found what I was looking for that Hannah needed.

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