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Developing an Attitude of Gratitude – Day 410

Scripture study this morning… how does one change their perspective from “clinging” to the rod to “holding fast” to the rod? This seems of great importance. Really. Those who were clinging to the rod seemed to live and move forward out of fear. Been there. Done that. Fear is a sad way to live. That fear led them to shame once the made it to the tree because their motivation was rooted in the the thoughts and affirmations of others. “Holding fast” would mean a person is firmly fixed to the rod. It would mean they are a part of the rod and it is a part of who they are. Those who “hold fast” made it to the tree and fell down in an attitude of awe and worship. They knew the tree and they knew the fruit because they knew the word. They understood that as the rod became an extension of themselves, so did the tree and the fruit. They were motivated out of love for the tree and a desire to remain a part of the tree no matter what others might think or say, pressing forward in faith… not fear. Mocking didn’t phase they because they were part of the Light.

Miracles are real! Today was the performance of my World Theatre class. Going into it I was worried they wouldn’t all show up… or they would freeze and not not talk loud or stop dancing. But 59 out of 60 kids came. They all were brave and did their best even though they all thought they were going to throw up. I am so proud of them! They tried something new and rocked it. Go is good and supported these kids even if they don’t know it. Parents said it was fun. Parents were impressed with the bilingual nature of the production. And people came! I expected 20 max but we had close to 100!

I am thankful that Hannah got the pianists she needed for her auditions.

I am thankful that 3 students sat down and did the survey thing that Myles needs for his doctorate when I ask them. He still needs more young people between the ages of 11-20 with and without disabilities to take his poll. Here is a link to his poll. For adolescents without disabilities click here. for adolescents with developmental disabilities, intellectual disabilities, or who are on the Autism spectrum click here.

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