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Developing an Attitude of Gratitude – Day 409

Scripture study this morning was all about the tree Lehi saw and the fruit that was sweet to the taste. I have mapped out this story so many times. My scriptures are covered with notes and sticky notes with ideas learned from this vision. (Admittedly, there are times I wish I could dream like that, but then I realize that I am taught through the symbolism of the dreams or others, the symbolism of the thoughts and stories, and nature all around me… so it’s like day dreaming and that’s cool. I really love learning through symbolism).

Here are some thoughts I will ponder today regarding that fruit: How do I invite love, warmth and light into my life each day? Scriptures, my version of prayer, random thoughts throughout the day, qi gong, listening to my wind chimes, real conversations with family, looking for the Lord’s hand in my life, expressing gratitude daily in this blog, looking for hope. It is true. There are days that I feel like I am being choked by the “mist of darkness” and overcome by the “dark and dreary world.” However, the light at the end of the tunnel is that tree of life. It is the Savior. The fruit is the Atonement of Jesus Christ working in my life. Stay focused. It will all be alright. Peace is possible even in the darkness and in the most overwhelming and chaotic situations.

Other thoughts: Do I hear His voice and the voice of His servants and then do I respond? Selective hearing is a thing. I experience it on a daily basis, kids hearing only what they want to hear, me hearing only what I want to hear. Am I selecting to hear the voice of the Lord? Do I allow the voice of the Lord to be drown out by technology, work or family stress, news, a desire to “chill” or any other distractions? Do I say, “I heard you. Just a minute?” The scriptures say that Sariah, Nephi and Sam heard and followed the voice of Lehi calling to them. They say that Laman and Lemuel “would not come.” Were they distracted? Did they hear and choose not respond? These are hard questions. The truth is, we are most often like Laman and Lemuel, distracted by worldly matters of friends, wealth, and popularity. We often are too lazy to make the choice to follow the voice of Lord, or we practice “selected hearing” and stunt our own progress. What am I doing to sharpen my skills of hearing and following the voice of the Lord?

Sariah, Nephi and Sam all trusted the word of the prophet… so much so, that they went to the Lord seeking to know for themselves. Trust helped them to take action. What helps us to trust someone? My experience would tell me that trust comes with having a good relationship with someone. What am I doing to build trust and to build my relationship with the Lord? Time. I spend time in the scriptures. I spend time pondering and wondering and listening for answers. I spend time writing out my thoughts. I spend time trying what He is guiding me to do. How do I build trust with the people I would like to invite to “the tree?” I guess the answer is the same. Time. I need to spend time talking with and listening to them. I need to spend time working along side them. Be present and be involved.

Even in this dream, life happens. Did God not love the people who got lost, who lost focus, who let go of the iron rod? He did and He does. That is why there are people along the path encouraging each other. That is why there are people at the tree looking for their friend and family calling to them to come and see and partake. The “mist,” the “water,” the “taunting from the “large and spacious building,” the “dark and dreary” situation overwhelms us all from time to time. However, I know for sure that the life, sacrifice, grace and atonement of Jesus Christ can overcome any effects of darkness and despair, frustration and discouragement, pain and sorrow and sin. Jesus is the path. Jesus is the word. Jesus is the living water. Jesus is the foundation. Jesus is the light. Jesus is the tree. Jesus is the fruit. Jesus is the life line. This dream really is all about seeing Jesus all along our journey to eternal life. Trust Him. He will get you there.

I am grateful morning that I can get in my healthy habits goals., Today I was successful in getting in qi gong, a bike rise and a short walk. That is success for me.

I am thankful that rehearsal went well. I had fun.

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