Developing an Attitude of Gratitude – Day 412

Today as I studied the scriptures I was struck by the honest answers of Nephi. He is unafraid to say with conviction what he knows. He is also comfortable saying, “I don’t know, but I intend to find out.” I’d like to think I live my life the same way. I know I know quite a few things. I also know I don’t know even more things. But I am willing to put te work in to find out. Most of all, I do my very best to seek answers from the Lord, himself. After all, He is the author of all knowledge. Who better to ask if I just don’t know some kind of information or what I should do next? After turning to the Lord on something hard to understand, I then work my tail off to trust Him. It isn’t easy. Most of the time it is hard. Trust me, lots of people think you are crazy and completely wrong. I wonder if that is what Lehi and Nephi felt and experienced. Today I think I will work harder at acting on the guidance I receive from the Lord. I know I have limitations. I know I “step in it” an a regular basis. I know people think I am loony toons. But I also know that I have faith in God. I believe that God knows ALL the answers and He will prepare a way for me; He will teach me; He will guide me; He show me what I should do. This knowledge allows me to move forward in confidence, even when the people around me and sometimes closest to me tare me down and make fun of the ways I do things.

I forgot a couple thankfuls from yesterday. I am thankful I got to see and hug some of my favorite students who have graduated and moved on. I am grateful the One Act performance went well.

Today I am thankful that I accepted and completed the 5 day qi gong challenge with Lee Holden. I love the way he explains things. I am particularly grateful that I actually did all 5 days of the challenge. I am so tired. Not sleeping well at all. It would be so easy to drop it and be a vegetable. I am grateful for the courage and the motivation God gave me to get up every morning and to try.

I am super grateful John comes home today. He has been gone all week. We don’t normally see each other because of our schedules, but we at least have a few minutes each day to check in and see first hand that the other person is living and breathing. With him gone, there isn’t many people to talk to at home… okay, a teenager still lives at home, but everyone knows that teenagers are not conversationalist when it comes to their parents. With John gone, I can have a total of 5 minutes a day using my vocal chords.

I am thankful the World Theatre class performances are done. I am thankful that the kids rose to the challenge and I’m grateful that they seemed to have fun… maybe even willing to try this again.

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