Developing an Attitude of Gratitude – Day 414

Wow! What a day.

I am grateful for a better night sleep. I think it helps that John is home now after being gone for the whole week.

I am grateful for the fun conversation I had with the guy at the lumber store. It was fun to have a gospel discussion with someone. When I got back in the truck, I asked God to inspire me as to when would be a good time to give a Book of Mormon to this guy. Not sure when that time will be, but I ask. Now I need to get a Book of Mormon ready to give for when the time is right.

I am grateful John worked at the high school all day with me, then, just before the one act, he ran to the store for the weeks groceries. Since I worked a 13 hour day, I am so glad he helped. I hurt. There is no way I could have added the store to an all day set build and a show. I may be getting too old for this!

I am grateful we got the flying door wall in the air, Mrs. Meers office, the side of the building to dance on, the back ground structure and a few more things finished today. I’ve got 3 hours on Monday to try and hang the doors on the wall, add the stairs and their platforms, paint a few more things and put the rigging on a false proscenium. next Saturday is tech. I still have so many things to finish… no sleep next week.

I am grateful the one acts wrapped up their performances tonight. one more thing to strike off my plate.

I got up too late to do any scripture study in the morning. That was a bummer because I didn’t get begin my day on a peaceful note. (I also didn’t get to do qi gong in the morning but will get some in before bed). But I got some scripture study in when I got home.

Today I studied 1 Nephi 10. I find this chapter to be a beautiful testimony of the Savior, Jesus Christ. First, Lehi testifies the coming of Jesus as the Prophet. To the Hebrew people a prophet was someone who was to act as God’s messenger and who would make known God’s will. This is a great description of one of the roles Jesus has been assigned. Jesus taught the higher law and testified of His divine mission and God’s will. A prophet’s duty is to also cry repentance, to denounce sin, to be a preacher of righteousness. Again, Jesus fulfills this description of a prophet. Jesus served others all of His mortal life. He taught the higher law. He cleansed the temple. He taught righteousness withe the beatitudes. He worked to restore faith. He taught about the true nature of the Sabbath. He healed. He performed miracles.

Lehi testifies that Jesus is the promised Messiah. Messiah means “anointed one.” It is a title for a King. Jesus was anointed, in the pre-existence. He was anointed to take on death and to overcome it. He was called and set apart to do the work of God and to save mankind.

Lehi testified that Jesus is the Savior. Through the Atonement of Jesus Christ all mankind can and will be saved. We need a Savior. without Him we would experience endless misery and woe.

Lehi testifies that Jesus is the Redeemer. Jesus rescues us and pays the ransom for our souls. Jesus delivers us from sin as we approach the Lord with a broken heart and a contrite spirit. The salvation Jesus offers is paid at a steep price. Jesus paid it with His blood and body and suffering.

I just love these testimonies.

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