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Developing an Attitude of Gratitude – Day 530

This has challenged me today. My brain moves so much faster than my body. My body aches and pains and just doesn’t cooperate withe the plans my brain makes. Today this fact really frustrated me. I am grateful that I can dream up plans. but I am struggling to be grateful for a hand that can’t grip things and the thumb hurts, bum knees that click and shift and won’t support me on uneven ground, stairs and kneeling. sigh. Working on the gratitude.

I am grateful we got 2 walls of the chicken coop up… I had hoped to finish it, but that body not cooperating and my inability to help John understand what I mean makes everything go about 3 times longer than it should.

I am grateful that Lilli went grocery store shopping and put them all away and helped with the chicken coop a bit, even when she wasn’t feeling it.

I am grateful Hannah is feeling better today.

I am grateful that the Saturday morning Gospel Principles class went okay this morning.

I am grateful for the late afternoon breeze that came today and made a nice racket with my wind chimes.

I am grateful for the left over Greek veggies and greens I ate for dinner along with the veggie sausages. I am also grateful for berries I got in the garden this evening. I sure hope this intermittent fasting thing I am trying actually helps me get somewhere health wise.

I am grateful for lemon water.

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