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Developing an Attitude of Gratitude – Day 549

Today I am grateful that we had the opportunity to have all the grand kids over. We had a little pool party for Lenayah’s birthday. I was in the pool over 4 hours. I am grateful I didn’t get to fried because I remembered to put some sunscreen on first. I had fun splashing and floating with the kids. I am most impressed with how Tatum took to the water. She is a regular little fish. She would say, “weee” as I would move her through the water. It was so cute.

I am grateful for John who did a few chores around the house and helped cook hot dogs.

I am grateful for the kids giggling in the other room as they try face mask for beauty with the teenagers.

I am grateful John covered most of my gospel class this morning as I had to run out for an appointment.

I am grateful I got my nails done today. They are now a nice shade of sparkly pink. They are so fun.

I am grateful for a few minutes in the garden pulling a few weeds from the strawberries.

I am grateful for a successful 22.5:1.5 intermittent fast. I am also grateful for the vegan hot dogs, watermelon, cantaloupe, Hawaiian kettle chips and potato salad that I had to end the fast. Okay, maybe not the healthiest of choices, but healthier than other choices I could have made… and I forgot to take a picture of the meal.

I am grateful for a nice visit on the phone with my parents as I drove this morning.

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