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Developing an Attitude of Gratitude – Day 484

Today I am grateful for the things I studied about the restoration.

I am grateful for an awesome, productive visit with my friend Sheri.

I am grateful for the energy found in God’s creations… healing energy.

I am grateful for John… and that he took the time to listen to my this morning.

I am grateful that my 16/17 year old still likes to sit on my lap and isn’t afraid to hug me and say “I love you mommy.” in public. It feels sincere.

I am grateful for the “enforced” down time due to the conditions of the world around us. And I am grateful that I feel like we are sort of prepared for a “stay-cation.” I am grateful for modern-day prophets who council preparedness.

Things are a little crazy, but I agree with Kimber, I feel calm. It will all be okay.

I am grateful for a successful day at school. Classes went well.

I am grateful for the sunshine.

I am grateful for the awesome work John is doing in the back yard. We are going to have the coolest outdoor living space because he is that cool.

I am grateful for “do-over” days. Everyday I get to learn the next line. I get to take the next step. Everyday I get to be a little bit better than the day before. This is a huge blessing.

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