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Developing an Attitude of Gratitude – Day 560

I have been practicing this… with a smile. I am reading a book called Peace is Every Footstep, or something like that, and the first lesson is to practice wake each morning and smile and then give thanks. I have trouble sleeping, so it is a struggle at times. but I have been working on it.

I have also been bad at getting on to blog each day. I’m not really sure what is getting in my way. I think I am just too busy with projects. But I am thankful for the projects I have in the works. So far this summer I have pained my room and rearranged it and started re-finishing furniture. Lilli finished painting her room and rearranged it nicely. Lilli helped me clean up the west side of the house and the garden area and it looks awesome! John helped me finish the chicken coop. And then there is the project of yesterday. John and Lilli helped out and we finished up cycling two old bed stands into a cute play kitchen for the grand children. I am so grateful for their help.

I am grateful Hannah got a house to live in at school that she likes.

I am grateful for the yummy veggie foods I have enjoyed over the past couple days.

I love that I am able to grow many of my own veggies.

I love the honest heart to heart chats Lilli and I have together.

I am grateful for an air conditioner that works. It’s hot today. I don’t do hot so I am grateful that inside the house is a comfortable temperature.

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