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Developing an Attitude of Gratitude – Days 457 and 458

Some longs day. Getting maybe, 5 hours a sleep a night. Too many things on my mind and too many things I need to do. My body is slowing down. I am grateful Thoroughly Modern Millie opens tomorrow. Maybe the stress will decrease. Meanwhile, I am running to get lesson plans, etc. off the ground in my classes. This week the students will begin forecasting for next year. In many ways I hope they request classes that I would be teaching. On the other hand, I could see me retiring and finding plenty to do at home. Still… I am grateful for the job I have now and that it helps us to pay the bills and save for retirement.

I am grateful that the show is looking good.

I am grateful for people who come and help.

I am grateful for the lovely pictures that my daughter Kimber and my friend Kristina Mann took of the show.

I am grateful for my daughter Lilli who has worked her tail off for this show. It shows. The other kids work hard too, but I have every reason to be super proud of this kid. In so many ways she is a miracle.

I am grateful for Lipton noodle soup. I am run down and it hurts to swallow. The warmth is soothing.

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