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Developing an Attitude of Gratitude – Day 459

Today I awoke to the very sad news that a friend had passed away. She leaves behind several young children, some adult children and a couple of grand children, along with her wonderful husband. She died after a long battle with cancer… nearly 9 years. However, I had the privileged of helping her before the cancer reared its ugly head other crippling illnesses, several difficult pregnancy, and a few other things. She was kind. She was brave. She tried hard to do what was right by her children and those she met. Through my service in her home and through our friendship I learned my things pertaining to the mysteries of God and His healing power. I learned the power in His voice and the love that He has for each of His beloved children. She will be missed. My heart breaks for her family. I take comfort in knowing the God’s plan is the best plan and that she now experiences peace. I am grateful for my friendship with Rory Baxter.

I am grateful for a decent day at work besides the fact that I got out the door late (because I completely forgot that we had a preview this morning for the elementary school for Thoroughly Modern Millie and I jumped out of the shower, dressed and left- I didn’t even comb my hair. Messy bun to the rescue.)

I am grateful the preview went well. I am grateful that I get to work in education and that I get to inspire young minds of many ages.

I am grateful that opening night ROCK! Lilli was amazing. I am so proud of her. Really. She is stunning. I wish she understood how amazing she is. She is her harshest critique. I am grateful I get to be her mom… even if she questions that as a blessing most days.

I am grateful for kind husband who got my flowers early for Valentine’s Day and came to the show tonight to film it… even though he hates doing that. Then, after the show, he got on a ladder and fixed a set piece. He is too kind too me. Oh… and he went to the store on the way home to get something for dinner tomorrow for the meat eater who are coming to my house.

I am grateful that Kimber found somewhere for Kirby to go today while I was at work and she was gone to the coast. It’s nice that she helps me care for him.

I am grateful for the Savior. I am not getting as much time in my scriptures as I would like, but I know that He loves me anyway.

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