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Developing an Attitude of Gratitude – Day 420

I made it!

I got home from my very long Friday at 5 in the morning. I am grateful for the 2.5 hour nap that I got before I had to head back to school. I am grateful the lighting cues went well and I didn’t need to fix much or add very many cues. They look great! I am grateful for the kids that came to work tech and for the cast members who stepped up and moved things around when there weren’t enough people. Paper tech started at 10. We started cues at 12:50 and we were done teching all set changes, spot light cues, light cues by 5:11! So freaking awesome! I am so grateful for these kids. They rocked it! I still need 2 kids to run sound. I thought I had some, but it turns out they can’t do it. I am grateful I have a couple weeks before I need to add all of those cues. I am also super grateful for the cast members and parents, and John who came last night and helped to finish the set. Everything is now painted and build. It looks great. The show will be so pretty. I couldn’t do all that work without people helping.

I am grateful I haven’t actually thrown up. I only feel like it when I eat… so it’s calmed down some.

I am grateful that when I got home form the school I discovered that John had been busy all day CLEANING the house… carpets, bathroom, kitchen… AND he was out doing the groceries. I am so grateful. I have not had time to take care of myself the past couple of week. I am thankful that he steps up to save me.

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