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Developing an Attitude of Gratitude – Day 476

I wouldn’t say my life is calm. Today I worked a 12.5 hour day. I’m tired. But I am grateful for a job that can help pay off our debt and somehow contribute to our future retirement.

I am grateful for good friends who think of me and call me. Thanks Jo. I needed that.

I am grateful for a student who is not only willing to help, she is eager to help. She struggles with school and I am grateful that helping out with theatre gives her the motivation to keep coming to school.

I am grateful that even though John is tired too, he tries to serve me… right now he served me CalMag.

I am grateful for CalMag. It seems to be helping me sleep.

I am grateful that the dogs didn’t make a mess… even when I was running so late that I just left them at home with the door open hoping for the best.

I am grateful my teen who is patiently moving forward with getting caught up in school… I’ve been after her and she is stepping up. That is good.

I am grateful McKay posted a video of Tatum walking around outside and the other blondies playing in the sprinkler in 55 degree weather. It made me laugh.

I am grateful sunshine. I didn’t get out in it today, but I could see it out the glass doors every time I passed… and the daffodils are opening their little faces to the sun. I LOVE spring!

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