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Developing an Attitude of Gratitude – Day 479

I am grateful my house wasn’t really on fire. I was awakened early by the fire alarm on my one day to sleep in. I hopped out of bed and ran out of the bedroom. John was up and had already decided that the furnace was having an issue. I wasn’t convinced because the burning hair smell was only in the family room dining room area. If it was the furnace, I thought we would smell it in every room. John wasn’t concerned and turned off the breaker to the furnace and left for McKay’s house. There is still a faint burnt hair smell several hours later, but not as much… and the house is really cold. Makes me miss the days of the wood burning stoves of my childhood!

I am grateful that I got to break away from my job for a couple hours so that I could drive over to Kaiser to hear Lilli sing in her first classical solo competition. She is a good egg.

I am grateful that I thought to pack up some things to eat today. I didn’t really get to go home… another 12 hour day away from home.

I am grateful that a furnace guy could come and we are back to having a warm house… and I am glad we were able to pay for it… kind of.

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