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Developing an Attitude of Gratitude – Day 552

Today I am grateful for a float in the pool and a soak in the hot tub. I didn’t have very much energy today. Perhaps it was because I was ending a 48 fast for health… and it was hot. I really enjoyed my float in the pool. The cool water felt great and the sun warming my face felt good. I loved listening to the leaves in the trees, the song birds tweeting away, the chickens clucking, the bees buzzing, and the breeze. I loved how relaxing it was to just float… to not feel my weight pressing down on my joints.

Today I am grateful for my study on the power of faith. There really is so much to learn about faith.

Today I am thankful for the fun app Marco Polo and how it is a fun way to communicate with people I love.

Today I am grateful that I got the dogs washed. They were stinky! Now they are slightly less stinky.

I am grateful I discovered these fun pictures of having the grand kids visiting. They are a crack up. One of my favorites is Beckett eating while he slept… and the video McKay showed me of Lenayah that I am not sharing. They provide me with many smiles.

Today I am grateful for a successful 48 hour fast and for the roast garden beets, romaine lettuce, salmon, and blue cheese dressing for dinner – and for the 1/2 naan and Swiss cheese I ate as a snack while dinner was cooking. I also enjoyed some homemade, low sugar applesauce and raspberries from my garden as a lovely desert.

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