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Developing an Attitude of Gratitude – Day 541

Today I am fighting feelings of disappointment and bitterness. Today two local school districts released various plans on how they intend on opening school in the fall. My local school district released 4 plans. Only 1 of those plans had students from grades 6-12 in school – 1-2 days a week. Most of the plans focused on grades 1-3. It breaks my heart to see such inequity (something they constantly preach). I fear suicides increasing. I fear graduation rate plummeting. I fear mental health issues increasing. I fear kids being set up to be unsuccessful as adults because they are not college, not workforce ready. What schooling that is being proposed will concentrate on English, math and science. Electives appear not to matter to the powers that be. I fear that several generations, several graduating classes (one of my own children included) are being shorted and because of fear. What I do not comprehend is why these same kids are safe stand on street corners and at the capital protesting but are not considered safe at school. However, I know what to do. I am grateful that I home schooled for years and know what to do. I am grateful for my time volunteering and working in the public school system because I now know how to work around what my kid will need. I am also grateful for those years because of the kids I met and worked with. I love those kids. My heart breaks for the ones I won’t get to work with in the future.

Today I am grateful I got to visit with one of those students, who I love like a son.

Today I am grateful for a lay low day because yesterday’s walk wiped me out.

Today I am grateful for the raspberries I harvested from the garden and the cream I ate them with. Today I am grateful for the almond flour crackers I ate with Bitchin sauce. It’s tasty. Today I am grateful for the cabbage Asian salad I enjoyed with tofu. I am grateful the family liked it too with chicken in their salad.

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