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Developing an Attitude of Gratitude – Day 518

I am grateful for the Sabbath. Even without church, it is a day to recharge, remember and renew. It something that I very much need each week.

I am grateful that I was able to manage my day yesterday even with only 2 hours of sleep. John said I was cheerful. If it is true, it is because God blessed me with patience and calmness. I only got 2 hours of sleep because McKay and John drove the moving trucks to Klamath Falls and left the kids with Lilli and I. After Lilli helped me get the littles off to bed, I stayed up for Lilli to come home from a date (yes, there is a new man in her life). When she got home at midnight, I finally went to bed. At 1 am, the baby was awake and needing comfort. I got up and rocked her for a bit. Then, Lenayah joined us and we all climbed into my bed. However, just as I drifted off, the baby sat up in bed and tried to rip my clothes off, looking to nurse. Well… I have long since stopped that activity and she was quite distraught. Between the hours of 2:15 and 5:15 we rocked. She was not having me put her down. Finally, I was able to lay down and sleep. But not for long. around 6:15 I heard this sad little, “Where did everybody go?” Beckett had awakened to find no one with him. He found me and crawled into bed. Now I had one kid asleep on me head, and one kid asleep in each arm pit… for 45 minutes. And then they were all awake. Happy little campers, ready to face the day. And it was a good day. We cleaned up the area around where the pool will go. We kept everyone fed and happy.

Today I am grateful for good neighbors and great family.

Today I am grateful for the reminders that God answers prayers.

Today I am grateful for miracles, large and small.

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