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Developing an Attitude of Gratitude – Day 528

Today I am grateful that Lilli was willing to help me clean up the west side of the house and the back garden area yesterday. I was exhausted! I got a shower in the evening and laid down and was out! I intended on blogging yesterday but fell asleep before I even brushed my hair. I am looking forward to spreading out the wood chips to control the mud and creating a quiet zen place near my garden.

Today I am grateful that we finished visiting our drama kids. Now I just need to put together the end of the year video.

Today I am grateful for a sunny day. It is such a pretty day. I didn’t work outside yet… busy with school stuff when it was still cool and now it’s too hot, but I will head out this evening when it cools down.

Today I am grateful the opportunity blogging and these slower “pandemic” days has given me to practice mindfulness. Each day I am noticing more and more what a great home, town, family, friends, etc. I have.

Today I am thankful my husband gets to work from home. I will admit that he drives me crazy some times, but I am grateful that we see him more and the “crazy” gets to be more often. LOL.

Today I am grateful I had the chance to visit with a good friend on the porch. We had a lovely discussion about all kinds of things.

Today I am grateful for cherries! I love cherries.

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