Warrior Wednesday

I am Raising Warrior Moms

Yesterday I was there to witness the birth of my grandson, Holland Maitland Jessop.  My daughter, his mom, is a warrior!  Her labors and deliveries are much faster than mine ever were.  She really “labored” all day in what experts call pre-labor.  It is a labor that is uncomfortable, makes you super tired, and moves you toward the real thing but it isn’t a labor that doctors start getting excited about.  Around 3 ‘clock she sent me a text stating that the contractions were 7-8 minutes apart and were lasting about 1 minute long.  Her last two babies went fast, so Iii knew we were in business.  I quickly turned on the sound board at school so that they were ready for a choir concert later in the evening, before texting Lilli to hurry to the car.  When we arrived at Kimber’s house the contractions were coming a bit faster.  Over the next hour and a half they picked speed, pain, length. Finally, we agreed it was time to head to the hospital.


I drove my track, with Kimber and Ray in the back.  They just kept coming harder and faster.  I let them off at the curb and parked.  When I entered the building, they were in the lobby with her second contraction since I let them out of the car.  Contractions continued.  There wasn’t even time to check into the hospital properly.  After the midwife checked her and did an ultra sound, it was determined that the baby was facing the wrong way and needed to be turned around.  No wonder her back was killing her!  Labor was all in the back!  she labored for a bit on her hands and knees to get the baby to turn.  Eventually, she stated that she need to start to push.  They turned are around and checked again.  They sure do that a lot more than they used to!  At any rate, they determined that the baby was facing the right way now.  Kimber was tired and in a ton of pain so she asked for some pain relief.  However, after they explained that it would slow it all down, she said to forget the meds and instructed them to break the water and get this over with.  30 minutes and a few pushes later, he was born.  He is perfect!

My daughter is a WARRIOR MOM!  She did all of the pain meds free… no tears… no complications… and he was a 10 pound 2 ounce, 21 3/4 inch long baby.  BIG!

Although she is tired, she is bouncing back well.  Her two other kids came for a visit.  They seem to love this new addition.  She is strong.  She is patient.  She is calm.


My daughter is a WARRIOR MOM

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