I am Raising Warrior Moms

Resigning as the General Manager of the Universe

Yesterday I was there to witness the birth of my grandson, Holland Maitland Jessop.  My daughter, his mom, is a warrior!  Her labors and deliveries are much faster than mine ever were.  She really “labored” all day in what experts call pre-labor.  It is a labor that is uncomfortable, makes you super tired, and moves you toward the real thing but it isn’t a labor that doctors start getting excited about.  Around 3 ‘clock she sent me a text stating that the contractions were 7-8 minutes apart and were lasting about 1 minute long.  Her last two babies went fast, so Iii knew we were in business.  I quickly turned on the sound board at school so that they were ready for a choir concert later in the evening, before texting Lilli to hurry to the car.  When we arrived at Kimber’s house the contractions were coming a bit faster. …

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