Warrior Wednesday

A Warrior is an Optimist

One of the greatest “Warrior Women” I know is my friend Jo. She moved away and man, I miss her. I miss our chats and our mutual rants. I miss her wild hair ideas and the “projects” she gets me into. I miss her support of my activities and I miss supporting her in her activities. Her family is a sports family and my family is an arts family, but that doesn’t matter. Mostly, I miss her optimism. She is the Paulianna in my world, no matter what crazy thing is happening in her life.

To be an optimist one must make the best of everything. When a challenge comes across our path, the optimist within a Warrior looks at the bright side. A optimist focuses on the good in life. They anticipate the best of every situation. Even when they do not reach their goals, an optimist copes better than others.

I have found that a Warrior optimist finds the rewards and blessings in life. They are happy. A true optimist has mastered balance… a balance between a positive attitude and a realistic outlook. A true optimist looks for the lessons in life and appreciates all of God’s teachable moments.

Everyone can become an optimist. It is a choice.

Thanks for being a Paulinanna in my world, Jo. I sure miss you!

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