Warrior Wednesday

Warrior Wednesday – Don’t Stop when tired, stop when Done 

Wow!  Nothing is more true than this!!!  I still have 3 more days of CET.  I wonder why it is I keep charging ahead.  In my endless pursuit of of excellence I never give up.  When a production is opening, when a class needs to be taught, when a project must be completed, you cannot give up because there are no more waking hours in the day.  You have to push forward until the task is done.
It’s how I roll.
If you do that you are successful… the opening night happens and people gasp when the set is revealed… the class is taught and it’s not a complete train wreck, or the project finally is completed and the tools are all put away.
I tried to find out who originated this quote.  I found it was attributed to Marilyn Monroe, Mohamed Ali, and unknown… among other names.  Frankly, I don’t think it matters.  The truth is, it is true!
Warriors don’t give up because they are tired of a goal, tired of the day, or just plain tired.  A warrior continues to put one foot in front of the other.  They stand up, brush off, and keep going if they stumble and fall.  A warrior is determined.
Well… actually… I think I am more like this warrior than the first warrior…
Either way, it holds true.  On long weeks like this week I just have to pull up my bootstrap and keep moving.  I love what I do, but Saturday can’t come soon enough!

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