Warrior Wednesday

Warriors See Roses

Years ago I learned an important lesson… Be glad the thorn bush has roses.

A Warrior sees the roses.

In the past, I have been known to see the negative in things… maybe even everything. I don’t remember when, exactly, but one day I woke up and realized that the only thing I could change was my perspective and how I looked at life. Whenever that was, life got better.

Maybe I just remembered that God sent me to earth to experience the ups and downs of life because He knew was was a warrior. He knew I was strong enough to bear what life through at me. He knew that I would grow stronger, better and happier through life’s experiences. He knew that I would come to better understand myself and Him through the process.

Each time I remember that all experiences are for my good I feel comforted. I may not understand everything, but I am confident that one day I will understand all things and see the great wisdom of God. I find peace in letting go. I find peace in knowing that I can change my mood and change my perspective.

Everybody goes through tough times. Everybody experiences disappointment. Everybody gets frustrated from time to time. It is completely up to us how we determine to view these floating moments in life. Life ebbs and flows, the good and the bad in life will come and go.

Okay… I will admit that there are times when I let negative thoughts invade. When that happens I work at getting my mind back to a state of peace. I look for the meaning and the lesson behind the experience. I accept what i am going through and the burden eases. I always have a choice… Liberty and happiness or misery and captivity. I always have a choice… see the rainbow or wallow in the rain.

A warrior sees the roses amounts the thorns.

Counting your blessings works.

Look to the sunny side of life.

There is a lesson in the pain and there is a beautiful rose in your thorn bush…. and roses are my favorite flower in my flower garden.

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