Warrior Wednesday

Warriors are Honest

So… I posted recently that some money was taken from my purse at school this week.  Today some of it was returned… including checks that were taken with the cash.  It seems obvious that honesty has been on my mind.

Warriors are honest.

Honesty is the easiest virtue you can practice that will lead to happiness, success, and fulfillment.  I work hard to keep  honesty as a part of my foundation… my core values… an important principle to live by.  Honesty cuts through deception.  It works it’s way through deceit and lies.

Honesty isn’t just about telling the truth.  It is also about being real with yourself, and with other, about who you really are and what you want most out of life.  Honesty promotes open communication, empowers people and enables all people to develop a consistent way to present facts and information.  Honesty sharpens our perceptions and allows us to observe everything, to see things “as they really are.”

Warriors are honest.

The opposite in honesty is deception… lies.  Lying is not good.. whether you are lying to others or to yourself.  When you lie you dupe yourself into believing what you are saying.  Even those little “white lies” have a way of catching up to you.  You may be digging your own grave with a baby spoon, but trust me, those little scoops add up and will catch up with you.  You will be stuck.  Really.  You end up confusing yourself, confusing others, losing credibility, and putting yourself in a tight situation.

Warriors are honest.

Now, I am not perfect.  I have told a lie here and there.  And man…. have I ever come to regret it!  Looking back, I realize that I was mostly trying to excuse or hide or misrepresent my own short comings or I was trying to pursue something I should (some sinful desire that would only bring temporary pleasure).  Seriously… the times I have told a lie were can all be chalked up to a lack of effort, morals and poor thoughts.

The Father of all lies is wrong.  Despite its temptation, ease of use, and empty promises, lying will get you nowhere.  In fact, Lying drags you backward.

Warriors are honest.

Being honest… that is the way to go.  Seeking truth… that is the way to go.  The more you foster and grow honesty as a personal value.  Honesty will nurture confidence, faith, empower, and strengthen our resolve and will power.  Honesty improves vitality.  Telling the truth and acting in an honest manner show respect for others and for what is right.  Honesty is a key characteristic in a successful, responsible person.  Oh… and success revolves around a person’s character, self-awareness, honesty, intelligence and work ethic.  Success is not about money, or friends, or family or “followers” on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.


The great Abraham Lincoln said, “Resolve to be honest at all events; ”  He is right.

A Warrior is honest.

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