#bethelight – Days 190, 191, 192, and 193

Woops!  I neglected to post my kindness efforts over the past few days.  I’ve been crazy busy!

Sunday was Mother’s Day.  That means my missionary gets to call.  My act of kindness was to share her.  LOL.  She only gets 40 minutes to call and chat on Mother’s Day and Christmas.  The whole family really wanted to say hi.  So… I shared.

Monday was busy and a bit of a rough day.  I already wrote that someone stole from me.  My act of kindness was to be kind and understanding and not to jump to conclusions.  Trust me… it was work.

Yesterday my act of kindness was all about my looking for the good.  Monday had soured my attitude, so I worked harder on finding the good.

Today I was a sub for my friend.  I was gentle and kind with students, yet firm in expectation.

And a miracle happened.  Some of my money, including some checks and some cash was returned.  I think my efforts to be kind, forgiving, and yet firm in expectations had something to do with this miracle.

Yup.  There is still good in the world.

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