Warrior Wednesday

Deeply Rooted Warrior Woman

I grew up in Central Oregon.  Our property was dotted by juniper trees.  One lone pine tree stood in the neighbor’s field.  These trees needed deep roots to survive.  For several years my parents planted various trees and had the kids water them all summer long.  These little trees did not have deep roots.  They did not survive.

Warriors develop deep roots.  Like these desert trees, Warrior Women possess deep roots – characteristics that keep them grounded in a storm.  Like roots, they are invisible to the eye, yet they are the true source of a Warrior Women actions.


A Warrior Woman’s roots include integrity.  People trust a Warrior Woman of integrity.  To possess integrity means that the inner and outer aspects of your life form a unified whole.  What you display in public must match who you are in private.  Cultivate and maintain your roots in integrity by repeatably making decisions that live up to your values and commitments.

A Warrior Woman’s roots include vision.  Vision is a clear sense of purpose.  It leads to a clear picture of a meaningful future.

A Warrior Woman’s roots include concern… a deep concern for others.

A Warrior Woman’s roots include courage.


The apostle Paul knew that roots are vital.  He prayed that the Ephesians would be “rooted and grounded in love” (Eph. 3:17).  A tall tree will not withstand a storm unless it has deep roots.  The same is true for all of us.

A Warrior Woman grows deep roots.

The strength of a tree is not in it’s trunk.  It is in it’s roots.  A Warrior Woman’s strength is in her faith.  She develops her faith in Jesus Christ through prayer, study, and obedience.

A Warrior Woman digs deep to anchor her spiritual roots.

With deep roots, a Warrior Woman has no need to fear.

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