Family Friday

Playing Catch up… Family Fun in August

Okay… So I am a little bit behind. Sometimes life is like that. In August I got hired to teach classes at the high school… for real… emergency teaching licence and all. So my life went into overdrive rather quickly. But Lilli and did do a couple of fun things… for example, we went over to the outdoor theatre at WOU and watched a very cool production of Hamlet.

Lilli did a great job with a Little Thespian Camp at school. She organized all the kids and led the 3rd-8th grade students through theatre games and small plays. All the teens that came to help did a great job and I believe everyone had a great time.

We went to John’s company party with Kimber and Ray and Kids. John, Ben and Lilli tried the rock climbing wall, and the tried some kind of jumping things. Freya got her face painted and Ray and Kimber got their portrait drawn. It wasn’t the most spectacular event, but I enjoyed the long drive chatting and listening to music with Lilli and John.

We had Grandpa camp this year. All the grand kids camp and played games and camped in the backyard with John. After the 30 hour party, John was exhausted, but the grand kids seemed to have a great time.

I had some kids come and help me put away all of the CET borrowed stuff and clean up the theatre before we started rehearsals for 13 the Musical. I took them to frozen yogurt after all their hard work.

Freya cut off her curly locks. I remember needing to do that to her mom’s hair around the same age. It’s just too hard to fight through the hair mess everyday. Yvonne did a nice job with the cut and Kimber and Freya are much happier in the morning.

Kimber and McKay got the kids together a couple of times to play at the park or to go to the Gilbert House. They are all getting so big so fast.

John, Hannah, and Lilli went on an overnight hike with John Hatch and his daughter Kaylee. John thrives on all that outdoor stuff. I wish he had more time to do fun things like that.

My mom and my sister Jen came for a visit and we went to Pacific City for the day. The coast is my relaxation place.

I started with work the last two weeks of August… meeting after meeting after meeting. I worked hard getting my curriculum together and finding teaching aids like a white board for my assigned classroom. I am only hired for this school year. I’d like to be more, but I am not holding my breath.

So… that is how we wrapped up August.

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