Family Friday

Amazing Little People are Getting Big

Today for Family Friday I have to celebrate two little people that always make me smile.

Tomorrow this handsome little guy will turn 1 year old!


A year ago this weekend, I drove away from Beckett’s house, leaving his proud, yet exhausted parents and his older sister behind to love and care for him.  I witnessed his mom brave childbirth and held her as she brought him into a world of possibilities.  Now he is big!

Now he loves food, loves to army crawl around the house, loves to scare his mom to death because he wants to go down the stairs.  Now he adores his sister, thinks his dad is a hoot and drives his mom crazy because he only has eyes for her.  Now he is pulling himself up on things; now he must experience everything about life by tasting it; now he expresses his opinion about life quite fervently.

I only see him a couple of times a year.  Currently, he will only “flirt” with me if him mom is RIGHT THERE.  But I love to talk to him on Skype.  I know he is really interested in the device and not really me, but it is fun to see him and to pretend he actually likes me.  Some day he will because he will learn to talk and we can have conversations.  Someday I will get to tell him more about my testimony and how I love the gospel and Jesus.  Someday I will get to cheer him as he learn to walk, and then to run.  Someday we will have deep conversations and will see all the wisdom that is behind those beautiful blue eyes.

Happy birthday Little Man!

We also celebrated the birth of this little princess.
20664807_10155529042408396_394164156871029775_nShe turned 3 this week.  Time flies!  It seems like yesterday that I was in a hospital room coaching her mom as she worked to bring little Freya into the world.  How things have changed in those 3 years.  She is busy!  She is bubbly.  She is cheerful.  She is curious.  She finds joys in EVERYTHING! She is fast and can get into trouble very quickly. She is a smuggle bug.  She makes me laugh.  Her potential is shining through her bright little smile.

I am lucky to see her all the time.  It is blessing because she and I have been able to develop a little friendship.  She loves to sit on my lap while I work at my desk.  She love to ask me, “what’s that?”  She loves to help in the kitchen and will run to get her stool so she can have cooking jobs.  I love that I get to tell her about Jesus and that she gets to tell me what she knows about Jesus.

Happy birthday Princess Freya!

Being a parent and grandparent is one of the coolest, most miraculous thing I have ever done in life.  My association with my children and grandchildren has taught me more about God and God’s love for his children than anything – church, scriptures, etc.  Families are where it’s at.  We are created to find joy… and family is where joy is found.

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